Past Presidents of the Missouri City/County Mangagement Association

1952/53 Clyde Swank, City Manager, Charleston
1953/54 Glen Woods, City Manager, Neosho
1954/55 Elder Gunter, City Manager, University City
1955/56  Leo Hill, City Manager, Columbia
1956/57 H. C. McClintock, City Manager, Webster Groves
1957/58 A. J. O'Rourke, City Manager, DeSoto
1958/59 Robert Storey, City Manager, Ferguson
1959/60 Thomas Herring, City Manager, Nevada
1960/61 Robert Semple, City Manager, Mexico
1961/62 Gordon Olson, City Manager, Berkeley
1962/63 Tom Chenoweth, City Manager, Springfield
1963/64 Charles Henry, City Manager, University City
1964/65 M. Don Harmon, City Manager, Joplin
1965/66 Jim Arnold, City Manager, Ferguson
1966/67 Raymert Miller, City Manager, Sikeston
1967/68 Richard Black, City Manager, Webster Groves
1968/69 David Burkhalter, City Manager, Springfield
1969/70 David Pence, City Manager, Poplar Bluff
1970/71 Tim Maupin, City Manager, Nevada
1971/72 Clifford James, City Manager, Clayton
1972/73 Neil Nielsen, City Manager, Mexico
1973/74 Venon Boxell, City Manager, Olivette
1974/75 Lyle Alberg, City Manager, Independence
1975/76 Robert Metzinger, City Manager, Joplin
1976/77 Richard Martin, City Manager, Kirksville
1977/78 David Olson, City Manager, Gladstone
1978/79 Paul Walker, City Manager, Moberly
1979/80 Charles Church, City Manager, Sikeston
1980/81 James Berzina, City Manager, Joplin
1981/82 Fred Siems, City Administrator, Blue Springs
1982/83 Lloyd Harrell, City Administrator, Liberty
1983/84 John Edwards, City Administrator, Lee's Summit
1984/85 Joe Morrison, City Manager, Webster Groves
1985/86 Gary Eide, City Manager, Cape Girardeau
1986/87 Paul Beecher, Assistant City Manager, Kansas City
1987/88 Doug Harms, City Administrator, Des Peres
1988/89 Kent Leichliter, City Administrator, Crestwood
1989/90 J. Jeff Hancock, City Manager, Warrensburg
1990/91 Leonard Martin, City Manager, Joplin
1991/92 Mike Herring, City Administrator, Chesterfield
1992/93 Robert Irvin, City Manager, Kirksville
1993/94 Dave Johnson, City Administrator, Jefferson City
1994/95 Martin Corcoran, City Manager, Maplewood
1995/96 Diane Doran, Assistant City Manager, Kansas City
1996 Merle Strouse, City Administrator, Rolla
1996/97 Frank Ollendorff, City Manager, University City
1997/98 Dan Parrott, City Manager, Mexico
1998/99 Tom Finnie, City Manager, Springfield
1999/00 Stephen Arbo, City Administrator, Liberty
2000/01 Robert Frank, City Manager, Moberly
2001/02 Mark Levin, City Administrator, Maryland Heights
2002/03 Robert Cumley, Asisstant City Manager, Springfield
2003/04 Robert Kuntz, City Administrator, Ballwin
2004/05 John Butz, City Administrator, Rolla
2005/06 Pam Windsor, City Administrator, North Kansas City
2006/07 Michael Schoedel, City Manager, Clayton
2007/08 Mark Randall, City Administrator, Pleasant Hill
2008/09 Richard Noll, Assistant City Manager, Kansas City
2009/10 Barry Alexander
2010/11 Keith Moody, City Administrator, Harrisonville
2011/12 George Liyeos, City Administrator, Rock Hill
2012/13 Mark Perkins, City Administrator, Creve Coeur
2013/14 Eric Johnson, City Administrator, Blue Springs
2014/15 Amy Hamilton, City Manager, Richmond Heights
2015/16 Kirk Davis, City Manager, Gladstone
2016/17 Chris Heard, City Administrator, Lebanon
2017/18 Greg Burris, City Manager, Springfield
2018/19 Craig Owens, City Manager, Clayton
2019/20 DJ Gehrt, City Administrator, Platte City
2020/21 Roger Haynes, Deputy City Manager, Mexico
2021/22 Benjamin DeClue, City Administrator, Glendale
2022/23 Gregory Camp, City Administrator, Festus