Membership Benefits

MCMA’s purpose is:

  1. To aid in the improvement of local government administration and to increase the proficiency of city/county management personnel in Missouri.
  2. To encourage and assist city/county management personnel to administer the affairs of their cities in accordance with the best methods developed through training and actual experience.
  3. To promote efficiency in local government by encouraging the employment of city/county managers and administrators professionally trained for the technical job of administration.
  4. To promote the introduction of the best principles of advanced administrative organization and practice for the proper coordination of all administrative activities under the general supervision of the city/county manager or city/county administrator.
  5. To promote in the city/county manager and the city/county administrator a devotion to a high ethical code of conduct, a deep sense of social responsibility to the community, and a firm belief in the worth of the services rendered by governments. 
  6. To cooperate with the Missouri Municipal League in carrying out the purposes set forth in its Constitution and Bylaws.

To meet those goals, MCMA provides the following membership benefits to its members:

Adherence to the MCMA/ICMA Code of Ethics

MCMA and ICMA share a Code of Ethics that provides a framework and guidance for professional conduct.  


There are several networking opportunities offered by MCMA, including attendance at our regular conferences and events, as well as the use of our statewide email listserv, where members can ask questions and share information with others who have faced similar challenges and situations.

Professional Conferences

MCMA provides conferences in the winter and spring each year, featuring best practices, innovations, and new ideas in local government management.  MCMA Conferences feature excellent speakers from around the nation and serve as networking opportunities for members.

Legal Services

In 2021, MCMA established a Legal Services program with the Mauer Law Firm to represent the individual interests of full members in their employment relationship with their city or county. 

To fund the Legal Services program, the MCMA Board of Directors has established a voluntary assessment program of $25 annually, payable with dues. MCMA members are required to participate in the voluntary assessment in order to have access to the legal services benefit.  

Participating full members are eligible to receive up to one hour of consultation time concerning employment issues between the participant and their public employer. Additional consultation and representation is available at the rate of $100 per hour and must be entered into directly between the Mauer law firm and the participant.

Member in Transition Program

The MIT program provides assistance and support to members who have been forced to resign, been terminated, or otherwise discharged from their employment.

ICMA Coaching Program

This partnership with ICMA provides MCMA members with access to special webinars and coaching opportunities intended to help prepare talented early and mid-career members progress into senior management.

Senior Advisor Program

Senior Advisors are retired city and county managers who have agreed to provide their experience and support assistance as needed to members.

Job Postings

MCMA serves as the central hub for local government management job postings in Missouri.  Jobs are submitted from members, Missouri communities, and recruiters from around the country.