Ethical Conduct Committee

Reviews and investigates any claims of misconduct of a member, including sexual harassment and bullying. The ECC serves as an advisory and investigative board for the Board of Directors, which is responsible for levying final determinations, including that of discipline and possible expulsion. 

This committee will serve as a task force in 2021/22 to develop a set of rules of procedures for enforcement of the ICMA/MCMA Code of Ethics. The rules of procedures will be adopted by the Board of Directors.

2021-22 Members

  • Chair: Nici Wilson
    City Administrator, Odessa
  • Shawna Davis
    Finance Director, Odessa
  • Kris Simpson
    City Administrator, Crestwood
  • Amy Hamilton
    City Manager, Richmond Heights
  • Gregory Rose
    City Manager, University City
  • Brittany Gillett
    City Administrator, Sunset Hills
  • Trevor Pulley
    City Administrator, Dexter
  • David Gipson
    City Manager, Clayton
  • Pam Hylton
    Assistant City Manager, Richmond Heights
  • Scott Avery
    City Administrator, Houston